How to replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor

The Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors in vehicles play a vital role in the operation of its engine. Typically the MAF sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine and determines how much fuel to deliver for optimal combustion. Although air does pass through a filter, over time, the MAF may become dirty or even fail entirely. If you notice rough idling at the start, then the MAF is the likely culprit that you might want to address. It may sound too technical to replace the MAF, but BMW Repair San Diego would like to present you with a few guidelines you can use that can save you some money by replacing it yourself.

To replace your vehicles Mass air flow sensor, you will need;

  • Gloves
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • A new mass airflow sensor

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Locate and disconnect the MAF Sensor

The MAF sensor is situated between the air filter housing and the throttle body. To disconnect the MAF sensor, release the safety clip and pull the connector from the sensor. Pull the connector alone and not the wire, It may help to have gloves with rubberized coating to avoid slipping of the connector off your hands.

Step 2: Remove the MAF sensor

Two clamps hold the MAF sensor, so you will have to use the screwdriver to loosen the two clamps. You should be able to pull out the MAF. Note that different car model may secure the MAF sensor differently. Some will have the clamps hold the sensor in-line of the intake pipe, but by loosening the clamps, you should be able to remove the MAF sensor.

Step 3: Connect your new MAF sensor

One the MAF sensor is removed, you might want to take extra care not to touch or damage the elements inside the sensor. Inspect internal parts and the electrical connector in case of any damages. Compare the old sensor with the new one; they should be identical. Typically the MAF sensor should slide well into the intake. Gently reinstall it into the intake and outlet tubes and make sure there is a proper seal between your sensor and the outlet tube. Make sure that the screws are snug, because overtightening them may damage the sensor.

Step 4: Reattach the electrical connector reattach the connector to your new mass airflow sensor ensuring a small click that indicates that the connector is seated the way up and is locked into position.

After Mass air flow sensor replacement, it may be a good idea to start and leave the engine ideal for five minutes to ensure that the computer system on your vehicle to recognize any changes and make necessary calibration. If this job seems too much to handle for you, a qualified technician can help you replace your MAF sensor.