How to Replace an Exterior Car Door Handles

Replacing an exterior car door handles might become necessary after using a car for some time. The door is exposed to many other external factors and following the frequent use, it easily gets exposed to tear and wear unlike many other car parts. Such factor may make the door loose or difficult to use leaving you with no option but to replace.  At BMW Service we bring you this short article on how to accomplish this.

This is not a problem you expect when your car is still new and in good state. But on with some cars, after using the door for some time and you realize it is no longer functional as before. It may begin with a few challenges, and may not accept the use of the remote controller forcing you to use the key. It may later become very difficult to open either from inside of while outside especially during rainy season. The processes of replacing door handles may depend from one vehicle to the other, but are major steps that are common to all.

It is important to get all the materials needed before you can replace your car door handles. You will need to buy the door handles to be replaced in advance. You should shop for an exact replacement of the door handle and have it at hand before you can remove the old one. Avoid dismantling the old handle before getting a new one to replace for this can be the end of your journey using your car.

It is also important to consider the type of the door handle that you are using before the whole process begins. Some may not be the plug and play type and will require the technical know-how for it to work properly. In such a case the car must be taken to a shop with the knowledge to do make the proper connection including the security system and the remote control.

Once you have the new door handle, check on the condition of all other related components that will support the door system. If all are in good state, you can go ahead and loosen the screws to replace the new door but if you notice other problematic components, it’s advisable to replace everything to make the new door work perfectly. To avoid repainting the car, take care of the section around the door handle.  You can use quality painters tape to protect the paint as you work on the handle.

If the door handle is designed on a plug and play model, setting all the components in place including the electric links becomes very easy. You can then fasten the all the door components and try it out.