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I’m Ron, I love everything about engines and have a knack for making complex repairs simple.

An combustion engine can see very daunting however with the right direction which I hope to provide the right individual with the right tools can tackle even complex repairs.

I’m not saying every vehicle owner should do all of their own repairs, in many cases that is the best option. However if you love cars and want to do more work on them yourself and don’t mind investing a little in some tools.

A little about me, I have always loved engines and started by taking apart a lawnmower, then dirt bikes and finally cars.

The first car I worked on was a early model red prelude. After driving it for a month it started blowing hoses left and right. Then I was under the car replacing one hose, then heading off to have another one blog the next week.

honda predlude

Finally I pulled up a forum online and it told me once they start going expect them all to go, and to do down to the store and buy all of them and knock them all out in one go.

I thought this was a great idea until I inspected the vehicle and found out how many hoses there were. Different clamps, different screws and snap on parts that kept them secured. On top of that I couldn’t get all of the exact right hoses so I would have to fabricate or bend them to fit correctly.

At this point I threw my hands up and sold the car, and bought another one with a monthly payment.

This was not the best “financial” solution, if I only had the right source to help guide me in a non-complex way I could of knocked out that repair and saved me a $300 monthly car payment.

On my next vehicle I did all the maintenance and repairs and learned alot, I also enjoyed the process. This was all trial and error and alot…. ALOT of incorrect parts that had to be taken back to the store multiple times but I eventually got a process down.

This was the same process for the next few vehicles but now I would love to share this process with you. I also encourage you to find a YouTube video that explains the repair. In many cases they are too complex and the person explaining the repair can get too excited about using technical terms but It’s a good accompaniment to our blog to knock out repairs or services on your vehicle and fast and simply as possible.

So if your mechanically inclined and want to jump in on your auto repairs. This blog will be a great read!