A Simple Guide to Replacing Headlight Bulbs

Driving your car without functional headlights is not only illegal but also dangerous. If you care about your life and we do at Universal Towing, it is time to replace the non-functional headlights. Replacing car headlights is not an uphill task even if you are a novice. Here is a simple guide to replacing headlight Bulbs.

Tools you will need

  • New lights bulbs- It is recommended to choose the right headlight bulbs for your car.
  • Alcohol wipes and tissues- The tools will be used cleaning and holding the new bulb while replacing it. Alternatively, you can use a clean piece of cloth of clean the bulbs.
  • Phillips screwdriver (Any other brand can be used as well)

Locate holder of the headlight

Many people find it tricky locating the bulb. The headlight bulb can be reached through compartment that houses the engine. It is not advisable to attempt to locate the same through the front of the vehicle. Open the car’s hood in order to locate the headlight near the vehicle’s front. There is also bulb holder and a power connector, which is made up of three wires linking it to the bulb.

Remove the headlight’s power wires

The power wires have to be removed before you can proceed. The wires are normally attached on the plug which lies at the headlight’s base. It is held in position by metal clip, plastic catch or screw cap depending on the brand of your vehicle. The plastic catch comes with a lever at the upper position. Push down on it to remove the headlight plug. If the car has a metal clip, simply pull it up and then remove. Make sure you hold unto the metallic clip until it is removed. A screw cap can be removed by unscrewing in an counter clockwise manner.

Disconnect the non functional bulb

The headlight holder can be removed after the disconnection of the wires. Gently remove the bulb you want to replace. In some situations you might be compelled to rotate it severally before it can be removed

Clean the new bulb.

Using tissue or gloves clean the new bulb in readiness for replacement. Cleaning removes the oils on your hands from the bulb before you fix it.

Install the bulb

Once you have cleaned the bulb, stick into the plug’s base. Make sure that none of the rubber gaskets of the bulb are visible. Once you are done, put back the headlight holders and the plug the power wires in their right position.